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Physiotherapy as a science and a profession has a clear direction and object where the role of physiotherapists is an important part in the development of medical science and public health.

The demand for this skilled labor market has not been able to be met by educational institutions in Indonesia. The ratio of physiotherapists to the population in Indonesia is still very large, which is around 1: 55,000, so the job opportunities for the physiotherapist profession are still very wide, both at home and abroad.

Joerg Teichmann

“Accept your injury. There are thousands of people who are dealing with the same injury” - Joerg Teichmann

As a skill that can be independent is very rare, because physiotherapists do not have to apply for jobs, but can create their own jobs. Things like this are rarely owned by professions or graduates of other fields of science. The unemployment rate in Indonesia is still very high, for this reason we hope that you or your family who intends to educate their children can join in solving problems on their own and nationally.

So far, VACANCIES / ACCEPTANCE of graduates of the physiotherapy profession, both civil servants in hospitals, private hospitals, and other institutions, are DIII GRADUATES, because they have the ability as practitioners in the field of physiotherapy. The Academy of Physiotherapy "YAB" Jogjakarta has several advantages, including the following:

  • The First and Best Physiotherapy Academy in Jogjakarta

  • Wide access and cooperation with Hospitals, Clinics, Health Service Centers, Fitness and Beauty Centers, etc.

  • Wide job opportunities (Civil Servant, Civil, Private, Entrepreneur).

  • The teaching staff are practitioners and specialist doctors.

  • Quality standards of graduates through competency tests conducted by practitioners and associations of the Indonesian Physiotherapy Association (IFI), MTKI.

  • The campus location is easily accessible by public transportation.

  • Passing guaranteed to get a job.

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