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Physiotherapy Academy "YAB" opens registration for new students

Yogyakarta Academy of Physiotherapy (AKFIS) "YAB" opens registration for new students divided into 3 batches, namely:

  • Period I (December - May)

  • Period II (June - July)

  • Period III (August - September)

The registration schedule for KIP Lectures follows the schedule from the Ministry of Education and Culture's Education financing service center at

​AKFIS "YAB" has advantages:

  1. Produce graduates of intermediate physiotherapy experts who are competent in physiotherapy services to treat movement and function disorders, especially in the musculoskeletal field

  2. Have wide job opportunities both as civil servants in health centers/hospitals, as well as in private clinics/hospitals.

  3. AKFIS "YAB" graduates are guaranteed to be ready for work and assisted in getting a job

For more detailed information, please contact PMB at (+62) 0819-0406-7798 or (+62) 0819-1432-6645, or you can email

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