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The Yogyakarta "YAB" Physiotherapy Academy is equipped with a laboratory for the practice of its students, besides that it also cooperates with several hospitals to conduct practice for its students. In addition, it is supported by modern tools so that it can improve the quality of alumni of the Yogyakarta "YAB" Physiotherapy Academy.


Practice Place

1. Laboratory Practice

- Physiotherapy Clinical Laboratory

- UMY Medical Laboratory


2. Physiotherapy Clinical Practice

- Dr. Sarjito Yogyakarta

- Orthopedic Hospital Prof. Dr. R. Soeharso Surakarta

- PKU Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta Hospital

- PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital Bantul

- Bethesda Hospital Yogyakarta

- Yogyakarta City Hospital

- Tk III Hospital 04.06.03 Dr. Sutarto Yogyakarta

- Ghrasia Hospital Yogyakarta

- Indonesian Air Force Hospital Dr. Suhardi Hardjolukito Yogyakarta

- Panembahan Senopati Hospital, Bantul

- Sleman Hospital


- Physiotherapy Clinic "Murono" Yogyakarta

- SLB Negeri 2 Yogyakarta

- SLB Negeri 3 Yogyakarta

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Classroom and Lab

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