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Vision and Mission



"To become an Academy that has competence in producing graduates  who can compete in DIY and Central Java in 2025".


  1. Organizing physiotherapy education that produces competent graduates according to the needs of the job market and able to compete in the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) and Central Java.

  2. Conducting research in the field of physiotherapy in the context of scientific development and educational development

  3. Organizing community service in the field of physiotherapy in the context of scientific application and educational development.

  4. Organizing cooperation with all parties at home and abroad in supporting the Tridarma of Higher Education (PT).

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  1. It produces graduates who are professional and competent and able to compete.

  2. It produces innovations and appropriate technologies that are beneficial for physiotherapy services and community service.

  3. The results of various forms and efforts of community service as a means of the academic community in improving the health status of the community.

  4. The establishment of a network of partnerships with various related parties that are beneficial for the development of the DIII Physiotherapy education program.

  5. The establishment of a management system that is focused on integrated and sustainable in ensuring the implementation of the Tridarma PT with the principles of good college governance.

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