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Research and Publications


Historical Development

The academic quality of a university cannot be separated from the success of the three roles of higher education (hereinafter referred to as the Tri Dharma of Higher Education), namely teaching, research and community service. Universities are required to continue to develop three advantages, namely excellence in teaching, research and community service. Organizing research activities is the obligation of every university as stated in Article 20 of Law Number 20 of 2003 concerning the National Education System, which expressly states that universities are obliged to conduct research. To be able to carry out these research obligations, universities are required to have lecturers who are competent in making research proposals, conducting research, disseminating research results and ultimately producing results in various forms of intellectual property.


It is the commitment of the YAB Physiotherapy Academy (AKFIS YAB) to carry out research activities and this is clearly reflected in one of the objectives of the AKFIS YAB Statute.

Research and scientific publications conducted by AKFIS YAB lecturers were initially organized by the Research and Technology Office, whose main task was to assist lecturers in making research proposals and their implementation, both with external and internal funds. The main focus of Research and Technology Transfer is to develop and facilitate research activities and research-related activities such as research dissemination through journal publishing and intellectual property.


The research conducted by AKFIS YAB is the embodiment of one of the three roles of higher education institutions with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of the teaching and learning process as well as contributing to the body of knowledge and producing intellectual property products financed from both. internal and external research grants. The AKFIS YAB Competitive Research Grant is an internal research grant given annually with a maximum research period of one year. RTTO also assists researchers who wish to participate in research activities funded by external parties such as DIKTI and other external parties.

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