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Physiotherapy: What are the Benefits for Child Development?

Children can grow quickly, slowly, experience injuries, motor function problems, and various other developmental disorders.

Children can grow quickly, slowly, experience injuries, motor function problems, and various other developmental disorders. This is indeed unavoidable.

However, parents can treat injuries and improve their baby's condition by doing physiotherapy.

What is Physiotherapy? Physiotherapy is a medical treatment that is carried out to help restore impaired function of the movement organs due to injury, illness, or reduced body abilities. Physiotherapy is more common in adults. However, actually this medical procedure can also be done on children who have problems with body movement and growth and development.

Infants or children who experience milestone problems, impaired balance, muscle control, injury, or other developmental disorders, require intensive therapy. In this regard, physiotherapy is considered one of the most effective rehabilitative treatments. There is also the type of physiotherapy given to each child can be different, depending on the indications of the disease in each child. For example, physiotherapy for children with cerebral palsy, of course, is different from children with respiratory problems or muscle injuries. Goals of Pediatric Physiotherapy The goals of physiotherapy treatment for children can vary, depending on the complaint and the method of therapy used. But in general, the goals of pediatric physiotherapy, include:

  • Early detection of physical health problems or developmental disorders in children.

  • Helps relieve inflammation and pain from injury or other illnesses.

  • Helps restore and maintain body posture in premature babies so that they can grow normally.

  • Helping children to do normal activities.

  • Restore the range of motion and strength of the child's body.

  • Helping pediatric patients and their families to prevent future injuries.

  • Improve muscle function and prevent disability.

  • Help overcome learning problems in children with ADHD or other developmental disorders.

  • Improve children's abilities and quality of life.

  • Develop baby and child skills according to their age.

  • Maximizing children's physical development, activity, and ability to play and socialize.

  • When Do Children Need Physiotherapy?

  • Physiotherapy is usually an alternative treatment recommended by doctors when children experience the following conditions:

  • Premature birth.

  • Has gross motor impairment.

  • Failure to meet milestones in the first year of birth or developmental delay.

  • Have poor posture and stiff muscle tone.

  • Support on one side of the body or head tilted to one side.

  • Difficulty moving body parts, experiencing balance problems, and also body coordination.

  • Have a head injury or muscle problems.

  • Having health problems that hinder body movement, such as Cerebral palsy, Global development delay, Developmental coordination disorder (DCD), Acquired brain injury (ABI), Down's syndrome, and neuromuscular disorders.

  • If your baby has some of the characteristics of the conditions or complaints above, you should immediately consult a physiotherapist.


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