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YOGYAKARTA Academy of Physiotherapy YAB Produces Excellent Human Resources, Inaugurates 20 Graduates

The Yogyakarta Academy of Physiotherapy "YAB" (AKFIS YAB) held the XIX th graduation of the D III Physiotherapy School at the Graha Sabha Ballroom, Kimaya Sudirman Yogyakarta by Harris, Jalan Jend. Sudirman No. 89 Terban Gondokusuman, Yogyakarta, Saturday (1/12/2022).

The activity was attended by 20 graduates and Physiotherapist graduates. The inauguration ceremony for the graduates took place while adhering to health protocols to prevent transmission of Covid-19. All graduates and their parents, guardians, or companions who attend must have received the Covid-19 booster vaccination.

Director of AKFIS YAB Hj. Siti Alimah Murono SST, FT, MM, said that it was not easy to complete studies amid the Covid-19 pandemic. He also appreciated all the efforts and hard work of graduates who have consistently completed their studies at the "YAB" Academy of Physiotherapy. “We know that this achievement is not something that is obtained easily. (Graduates) have completed well and this is proof that you are able to overcome difficulties well," said Siti in her remarks at the graduation ceremony, Saturday (26/11/2022). According to him, this success is also the result of responsibility, discipline, perseverance, hard work, commitment, as well as love for the family.

Not only completing studies well, recognition of the degree that has been achieved is also a form of accountability to the public. Therefore, Siti asked the graduates to maintain their integrity. "As a form of public accountability that all of you who graduate have the competencies needed by society, especially in the world of health and as physiotherapists," said Siti.

On the same occasion, the Secretary General of the Indonesian Physiotherapy Association (IFI) Center Muhammad Irfan, S.Ft, SKM, M.Fis, said that graduates can be relied on to contribute ideas, thoughts, and energy to realize the vision of the ministry of health 2020 - 2024 in the health sector : Creating human beings who are healthy, productive, independent and just.

Furthermore, Irfan said that quality human resources (HR) were printed through quality educational institutions as well. "The focus as a physiotherapist is currently on human resources who are prepared (as) a generation of successful health workers for Healthy Indonesia," he said.

Yogyakarta Physiotherapy Academy "YAB" Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Hemas represented by GKR Hemas representative Ms. Eni Sukaeni congratulated the AKFIS YAB graduation which produced excellent graduates.

Eni said that the graduates should be proud because they graduated from one of the best Physiotherapy Academies in Indonesia. He also advised that the competences obtained during college should be honed with the will and ability to learn throughout life.

"To the graduates who I am proud of, keep studying for life, stay optimistic and always work hard in pursuing campus life, become human beings of noble character, polite in words and actions, and always humble and also respect others," he said. (Akfisyab, 2/12/2022)

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