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Physiotherapy as a science and a profession has a clear direction and object where the role of physiotherapists is an important part in the development of medical science and public health.

The demand for this skilled labor market has not been able to be met by educational institutions in Indonesia. The ratio of physiotherapists to the population in Indonesia is around 1: 55,000, so the job opportunities for the physiotherapist profession are still very wide, both at home and abroad. Thus, after graduating from education, it is guaranteed that they will not be unemployed, because the need for Physiotherapists in Indonesia is still large, which is around 15,000 people.

Physiotherapy Quotes

Rest is not the answer blog? Activity and Therapy help healing the most." - Joerg Teichmann

Job Opportunities Alumni AKFIS “YAB” Yogyakarta

  1. Practice Physiotherapy on your own

  2. General hospitals and special hospitals, both government and private

  3. Health Center

  4. Rehabilitation institutions, for example YPAC, YAKUM

  5. Physiotherapy Clinic

  6. Beauty and wellness clinic

  7. Health and sports institutions

  8. Occupational safety and health unit in industrial environment, etc.

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