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A graduate of the Academy of Physiotherapy "YAB" Leads the Physiotherapy Medical Team at the PORPROV

There are so many job opportunities for physiotherapy graduates, so it's not surprising that it's very easy for physiotherapy graduates to get jobs once they graduate.

A graduate of the "YAB" physiotherapy academy (AKFIS YAB) named Arif Nurohman was appointed to lead the medical physiotherapy team at the IX 2022 Lampung Province Sports Week (PORPROV) which was officially opened by Lampung Governor Arinal Djunaidi at the Pahoman Stadium, Bandar Lampung, Monday (5/12/2022) evening. The event was attended by 4,932 athletes from all provinces in Indonesia and compete to won 3,382 medals.

Arif is a graduate of the Yogyakarta "YAB" Academy of Physiotherapy class of 2018. Less than a month after graduating from the YAB Physiotherapy Academy, he received a job offer and practiced at the Pratama Inara clinic in Pringsewu district. The testimony can be heard at (AKFIS YAB, 6/12/2022)

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