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Repsol Honda MotoGP rider Marc Marquez was finally allowed to start the physiotherapy stage on his right arm after being observed by doctors for six weeks since his fourth operation in early June.

This was officially announced by Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) on Friday (14/7/2022).

The operation, which was held at the Mayo Clinic, Minnesota, United States, had to be carried out by Marquez. The reason is, after the great accident he experienced in Jerez, Spain, in July 2020, his humerus fracture did not recover quickly.

"Don't feel sad or get upset about your injury situasion. You can't change what has happened. But you can change your future by being able to prevent your injuries” - Joerg Teichmann

Two days after the operation, Marquez was allowed to return to Madrid, Spain, to rest. However, he did not immediately undergo the recovery process, because he had to undergo periodic media examinations to ensure that the rotational treatment of his bones was indeed giving positive developments.

Recovery Process Continues to Progress

While at home, Marquez just trains in the gym to keep his body in shape, but his arms have not received special treatment. Now after six weeks since the operation, Marquez finally got the green light from his doctors to immediately undergo the process of physiotherapy and cardio training.

This was stated by Honda after the eight-time world champion underwent a follow-up medical examination at the Ruber Internacional Hospital in Madrid with Dr Joaquin Sanchez Sotelo, dr Samuel Antuna and dr Angel Cotorro, who were satisfied with the development of his humerus.

"During the medical examination carried out on Marc Marquez, six weeks after the operation of Humerus, it was confirmed that there was a clinical and radiological evolution that was advancing the progress of the program to restore mobility and strength of his right arm. The patient will undergo follow-up examinations in the next six weeks". said in Sanchez Sotelo.


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